Victoria Gordon

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I am in-between my second and third years of medical school at KCUMB working as an Anatomy Fellow.  This year I will teach first-years, work on my research, and take some classes.  I am very interested in surgery, but I am not exactly sure what specific specialty.  During my third year, I am looking forward to figuring this out.

Other than working as a Fellow, I am very involved with the AMA-MSS.  Currently, I am the Chair of the Membership, Engagement, and Recruitment Committee and the Secretary of the Region 2 Board.  I feel my work here is important, and I look forward to continuing my work with the AMA in the future as a student, as a resident, and beyond.

Besides school, I am a Gallups Strengths Futuristic, Achiever, Woo, Competition, and Focus.  I love my cat and a good comedy movie.