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Advantages of Using Combination Resume Format


Your resume is your platform for advertising your experience and skills. Therefore, it is important to determine the type of format you would be using to create your resume. One of the formats that are being used increasingly is the combination format that has many sets of advantages.


The combination resume format would begin with a practical summary of your relevant qualifications, important skills, abilities and relevant experience. This is followed by providing chronological history of your career. This part of this resume format is shorter than what it would be in the case of the chronological format. However, the career history would be something that augments the summary. The combination format acts as a good option that allows you to use a more practical format while ensuring that your employers don’t dislike it.


If you are able to do it properly, the professional resume writers would readily accept the combination resume format. It would allow you to give all your information in a chronological order, while at the same time you can highly your specific skills and experience for the position. You wouldn’t be able to highlight your strengths in a chronological format, but the combination format of resume writing offers this ability as an advantage.


The format would also be helpful when you have had gained the relevant experience some time ago and still needs to be highlighted. It can result in the creation of focused resumes because you would be able to customize the functional part to the requirements of the employers as per the job posting. It would also be ideal for those candidates those that don’t have a consistent career history. If you have made a career change or plan to do so, it would be of great help in justifying the move.


Therefore, the combination format of resume writing is the perfect choice for you if you want to highlight certain skills and experience while giving your entire educational and career history in a chronological sequence. Make sure that this resume doesn’t extend beyond two pages. You can read some examples of the combination format of resumes on the "thank letter" website.  If you want to make a career move, it would again be a good choice.

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